Affiliate Marketing

Get more sales or leads with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can bring 15% -20% more sales.

This service connects you to online marketers and online business people, with the next generation of affiliate marketing on next generation technology with a transparent performance marketing system.

 Affiliate Quick Link

Use a custom link to a better track and analyze the results.

Link2 Embed Code

We include the code snippet in the design of a banner ad in different sizes for affiliate sites.

The main advantages

Through affiliation we help you stretch your connections and name display; through a strategic interpretation of platform reports, we will identify new opportunities for you.

More Sales

That is the meaning of existence for all online stores. This is where you can pursue it. Affiliate marketing can bring up to 15%-20% more sales.


You have access to a community of thousands of affiliates who can become your customers and your promoters, as well.

Budget Control

You pay your affiliates only for completed sales.

More exposure.

It’s time that you get more in the spotlight. Get more traffic from various new sources. Plus, traffic that doesn’t convert is FREE!


You make the rules of the game. You select your affiliates and you decide how much commission you want to offer.

Security and Accuracy

You always know what’s going on: where your sales come from, who and where is advertising your store. Spam?

One tool, so many partners worldwide

Paperwork hassle is a thing of the past. You can use the tool to work with tens or hundreds of partners and get ONE invoice.

Real-time statistics

Tracking code and an awesome comprehensive dashboard. Always know what’s going on.