What is a ChatBot, what does it do and how will it help you incrase your sales?

It is a form of artificial intelligence, a virtual assistant, which conducts conversations through various methods. ChatBot is increasingly used in the dialogue system for various practical purposes, including customer service or shopping.

Conversational digital marketing is a system that encourages customers to interact with the ChatBot by registering them in a database. Then, through predefined communication sequences, their needs are known and personalized offers are created, thus stimulating sales.


Chatbot World is expanding like a flash. Companies websites need to change their marketing plan and implement chatbots in their ecosystems. And there`s a reason for that – read how a chatbot can collect and rate leads, book appointments, direct conversations to agents, streamlines sales.


Many comapnies have discovered the huge potential of conversational robots: closing simple requests for assistance, increasing return on investment and automating the process. Curently, robots are much more powerful than previous versions, and obviously this is just the beginning of their appearance. With emerging chatbot trends, it is crucial for almost any company to implement a chatbot technology. Why? To be a top company and provide the best customer service.